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My Tribe Motivational Notepad
My Tribe Mindful Notepad

My Tribe Mindful Motivational Notepad

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Introducing our very own My Tribe Mindful Motivational Daily Notepad! 

Brighten up your desk space with one of our daily notepads where you can create your to do lists, write down your goals and even things you are grateful for. Set your daily goals and plan for the week ahead making you better prepared, motivated and setup to succeed.

Our fun My Tribe Mindful Motivational Daily Notepad comes with 100 easy-tear pages with a thick cardboard backing. 

The A5 notepad includes: 

  • Blank Date Section 
  • Top Goals 
  • To Do List
  • Things I am Grateful For 
  • and a Brain Dump section 

Treat you and your desk space today!

*Pen not included*