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Improve Your Mental Health Through Exercise

Did you know that exercise can improve your mental health? Alleviate symptoms of low self-esteem and social withdrawal and can even improve your cognitive function – clearing that foggy mind and making way for a fresher you. Poor mental health including anxiety and depression have been on the rise, especially since the pandemic struck. The GOV website shows that 1 in 5 adults reported having some form of depression during the coronavirus pandemic, which had almost doubled from the 1 in10 figures reported before the pandemic. People were isolated, working from home, not allowed out, made to feel vulnerable and perhaps for the first time in their lives were scared, before now they had never questioned their mental health, and...

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Mindfulness in the work week

The word mindfulness is becoming more and more present in everyday language. As the word suggests it is about your mind being fully involved in what you’re doing. So often during the day, our mind can run away, we lose touch with our body and can become absorbed in a cycle of thoughts. These can be mundane thoughts about something we need to do or negative or anxious thoughts. This can lead us to a negative cycle of feeling low or anxious. By bringing our minds and body back to the present and consciously paying attention, we can break these cycles and feel more positive. Mindfulness is a certified therapy and practitioners go through a specific approved course. Doing mindfulness...

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What Is Employee Well-being?

Employee wellbeing, employee happiness, employee engagement, employee experience, employee satisfaction... these are the terms often used interchangeably. While they are related, they don’t mean the same things, and the strategies around how to improve them can be significantly different. So, what is the difference? When talking about employee wellbeing, think about it as the way employees’ duties, expectations, stress levels and working environments affect their overall health and happiness.   Organizations need to understand that employee wellbeing encompasses much more than just physical health. Moreover, it is about fewer tangible factors, your employees' mood, and cognition. Above all, employee wellbeing is about understanding your employees from a holistic perspective which can only be achieved within organizations that are employee centric.  Even though it may...

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How to Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home has been a huge change for so many of us. Not only are we no longer seeing our co-workers on a daily basis, the change in work and personal life has caused anxiety and stress for so many people.  Here we share some ideas for staying physically healthy while working from home. Start Right Before sitting down at your desk for the day, have a spot of exercise. This could be 5 minutes dancing to your favourite tunes to boost your mood. It could be a little walk or some yoga and meditation. This will help you boost your mood for the day ahead, but it will also help rest your body and mind in preparation for...

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