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How to retain and motivate your best employees

Why should I care? There are tangible as well as intangible costs of turnover. These transitions can cause disruption, a loss of institutional knowledge, and a drop in morale and productivity. Progress can come to a halt, leaving projects months behind schedule. More importantly, how people exit can affect employee sentiment and their view of your company. When they land at their new job, how will they talk about your organization? And what repercussions does it have on your ability to recruit new hires? It’s all part of your employer brand. Think of former employees as “alumni” of your company. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes when people leave, it can be a positive thing. There could be misalignment in...

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Ten Ways to Write with Gratitude

Here at My Tribe we look at the power of the pen, one of the reasons among many, that we are often vague about our positive emotions is that they are so fleeting and seemingly insubstantial. They might last minutes, seconds even and then we forget all about them and hurry on with whatever we were doing, like taking out the rubbish or clicking half-heartedly at our work computer.  Negative emotions on the other hand, can be overwhelming. Often, we cannot help but verbalise negative emotions because it is the only way we can gain some semblance of control in the utterly incoherent swamp of grief or fury.  Typically, studies show that those who found themselves driven to write about...

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