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Mother & Daughter Duo Start New Business Venture

Mother and daughter duo, Lorraine and Sophie, from Cambridgeshire have teamed up to launch a new business venture focused on helping people look after their mental health and wellbeing.


Working in the HR sector, Lorraine Canham noticed the effect the pandemic was having on both employers and employees.


This, along with seeing her daughter Sophie struggle with her own mental health through the pandemic, gave her the idea for their new business venture ‘My Tribe’ - creating wellbeing and appreciation ‘Treat Boxes’.

My Tribe


Lorraine, founder of My Tribe Treat Box, said: “Sophie had started a new job the week we went into the first lockdown, therefore didn’t have the normal inductions you would usually do plus getting to know your team. She was on her own in a flat and worked from a makeshift set up in her hall, during which time she really struggled with her mental health. There didn’t seem to be anything in place to support her and had no guarantees she would be able to return to the office at all. Her motivation, along with her mental wellbeing, declined.


“We were discussing the impact the pandemic has had on people and businesses and the idea just came to us. Being able to work with my daughter so closely is amazing. Now with structure, a work/home life balance and support for her mental health, she is flourishing and an asset to the company. I’m so proud of her.”


Social isolation and the worries of COVID has had a notable impact on employee wellbeing, and business owners are faced with the challenge, now more than ever, of finding new ways to keep workers motivated and happy. Using their personal experiences, along with mental health first aid training and HR backgrounds, the team have created My Tribe. A subscription box service with contents focused on relaxation, recharging and reminding people they are valued.


Lorraine advised: “There has been massive shift on employers wanting to really give thanks and show appreciation to their workforce during, what has been, such a difficult time. This is what a My Tribe Treat Box can do. It’s a great way to remind your team how awesome you think they are while encouraging them to take some time for themselves.”


Daughter Sophie fully understands the importance of feeling appreciated and supported: “I was so excited when Mum and I started bouncing ideas off each other about these boxes. From personal experience I know it is hard to unwind when you’re struggling at work without support. This can then affect everything from your sleeping pattern, eating habits, general mood and how productive you are at work. These boxes give you the starting items you need to take some time and rejuvenate.


“Experiencing these challenges at home, often without a visible support network is also causing some people unnecessary stress, so receiving one of these boxes is a little pick me up. It's always nice to know someone is thinking of you.”


The boxes are hand-packed by Sophie using as many eco-friendly and vegan products, which have been sourced from as many sustainable local businesses, as possible. Contents include aromatherapy products, candles, snacks and more.

My Tribe Treat Box - Eco Friendly & Vegan Products


There are currently four members of the My Tribe team and all of them are involved in mental health and workplace wellbeing. All of them are certified mental health first aiders with specialisms in psychology, and they all share free regular wellbeing and mindfulness tips on the company’s blog.

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