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Life After Covid


What a whirlwind – For many of us, the pandemic has left us feeling a little dismayed, a little out of sorts and a little confused with what we do from here on out.

Will life ever return to how it was pre-pandemic?

Will we ever truly feel safe to live as we did before. Or will we be forever looking over our shoulder, uneasy about the person we see without a mask.

Face Mask

We have put together some tips to support you through coping with life after covid:

  • Set realistic expectations – We are still surrounded by uncertainty and unpredictability, so it is completely normal to feel anxious when letting go of an established habit such as wearing a mask or face covering.

It is highly probable that social interactions will feel a little awkward to start with as everyone is creating new patterns and adjusting to changed relationships - but remember to keep doing it – repeated practice will help you ease back into your old life, just stop if it gets too much, go at your own pace.


  • Keeping your values – if you live in ways that are consistent with your values, this will promote wellbeing and deter negative thoughts, feelings of anxiety and depression.


  •  Set aside time - Why not set aside some time to do the things you had planned in life before the pandemic? It is a simple measure in relieving any built-up stresses and anxiety and can help ease you back into the World.

Start by making a simple list of things you want to do – what did you miss the most during the lockdown? Perhaps you could start with that. It can be as small as eating out or as adventurous as going on your first holiday of the year. There are no rules – only the ones you set yourself.


  • Establish your old routine – If you are still struggling to get used to life after COVID – why not try establishing your old routine? Being locked away has resulted in many of us finding new ‘bad habits and remote working has added to the disruptions in our routines.

Why not ditch the PJs, get dressed up, prep your lunch the night before and get an early night? Simple things can be the most effective.


Mental Health


  • Put your mental health first – Exercising helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. If you feel that you are experiencing spouts of one of these try a nice relaxing walk and if possible, surround yourself with as much nature as you can. Listen to music, chat with a friend or family member it is important to keep lines of communication open so as you do not isolate yourself. Life after COVID can be overwhelming and what you are experiencing is completely normal, but it is crucial to remember that there are people around to help, even if you feel like there isn’t. - contact details for help are available at the bottom of the blog.


Check out BBC’s article How to cope with life after lockdown for more tips on how to manage your anxiety and how to live life after COVID.

"Pandemics are messy in how they end, and the ending is sort of arbitrary"Steven Taylor


What are your thoughts on ‘Life after COVID’? Do you think that the World will return to the ‘normal’ we once knew? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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